my sweaters

These are my sweaters.

Well, there is one missing that I made for my mom. It is red, from the pattern ‘Holiday’ and I gave it to her last December for her birthday. The inspiration to pile and photograph the few sweaters I’ve made came from a series recently created by Glenna, starting with her post about choosing a sweater pattern. Also, the light from our one living area window on this rainy yet bright day was helpful to the cause. I usually have to wrestle with several factors to get a decent enough photo to post.

Anyway, the series is all about sweaters, from choosing a pattern and yarn that fit one another (which takes weeks) to the importance of constructing the actual sweater to fit your body and style (which also takes weeks). The sweaters above are all ones that, thankfully, I can throw on at any time and be comfortable. They range from sport weight to heavy aran and from merino to workhorse yarns. To see the details you can view my Ravelry page. I have two more I’d love to finish by the end of the year, time willing, as my queue is filling up with scarves, mitts and hats at the moment. I’m just hoping this winter is actually cold!

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