This has been a very busy month.

The farm, work, summer activities and preparing for a trip to Estes Park have consumed much of our time. It is interesting to move from a slow (and I mean slow) transition into spring, and similar “slow” activities, to those of a bustling hot summer. We are loving every minute and trying to keep up…and get in some naps whenever possible.

With my upcoming surgery I am trying to soak up as much summer as I can, since it’ll be a month or so of rest before I’m back in the game. Some new things I’m trying beforehand include: making homemade deodorant, sunscreen and dry shampoo for us, canning jam and tomato goods in my new pressure canner, and going to a Monday night movie on the green in the park near our home.

To help me center my mind on the best moments, and find some in unexpected or everyday places, I bought Why I Wake Early by Mary Oliver. I really love her, she’s good stuff.

Happy summer solstice everyone!


We’ve been pretty busy around here lately. Mainly we’ve been preparing for spring, should it ever arrive, with the traditional “spring cleaning” and replenishing our home with more summer-like goods and projects. One project we thought about this winter was joining a CSA, and buying a share. The cost of this is definitely equal to what you get…but the trick is, it’s up front. Putting money we don’t already have enough of into something before we’d get the food made me hesitate. Also, I didn’t feel like I’d be getting anything in particular back from this, nor giving as much as I would like.


J, of course, found a compromise between his eagerness to do this and my staunchly (and predictably) frugal position.  We would do a volunteer share at an organic farm. Not only would this be “free” in a sense, but we would be able to spend 4 + hours a week from April through October learning how to farm organically. Well, to farm in general, as neither of us is a natural green thumb.


We would also be giving back to the farmers with our labor, and providing them with much needed extra hands during both times of plenty and when time is of the essence to start the growing season. This year it has been difficult, with winter stretching almost to May now. Within four days this week we’re going from a low of 23˚ to a high of 79˚, and hopefully we will be somewhere in the middle from now on. (Also – do you enjoy roller coasters? Come live in NE, you’ll love our weather).

The past few weekends have been a great experience for us, and I am looking forward to many more at the farm.



I had been creeping a bit on The Plucky Knitter for quite some time before giving in and purchasing yarn on one of her shop updates. I’m glad I finally caved – as soon as the yarn arrived I couldn’t wait to cast on.


The pattern is Alewives and was a joy to knit. Simple, straightforward, but not boring. You can see details on my Ravelry page. A lovely color for a spring day like this, and I can’t wait to wear this cozy cowl out and about.

As for reading, I think Spring has been making me feel the need to read another Austen novel. Perhaps Sense & Sensibility? Or Northanger Abbey? We’ll see, but either way I’m definitely due for another library visit soon.


We celebrated our anniversary last weekend! It’s been a busy week of working overtime and making up even more time for an appointment, so I am writing about it late. We spent the evening prior out at a nice dinner and dessert, and the day of at the zoo and watched a movie that night. It was very relaxing and we had a great time, and the weather played along nicely enough. I can’t imagine what my life would be like without him to share it with.


My surprise present (we said no presents, we’re taking a trip this summer) was a pressure canner! The 23-quart Presto canner to be exact. I need jars at this point (and fresh produce, and a few other bits) and I’m ready to go. I plan on starting this spring with some jams because we use quite a bit of that, and some tomato sauces for pasta. It’s rather large, but I think our best gas burner on the stove is up for the challenge – and so am I.


What an amazing color, and this photo really does not do it justice. It’s called “violin” and is, of course, by Madelinetosh (merino dk).  The pattern is Scrollwork and is a wonderfully creative cabled design. I have no idea how she came up with it, but I definitely applaud the creativity.


Right now I am reading Life of Pi on my Kindle at lunch, and it’s different than I thought it would be. Much less story of a shipwreck, and much more about his life in India – and I’m a quarter way through! What are you knitting and reading these days?